Thursday, August 19, 2004

You Can Thank Sam Adams for This One

All of my friends know that I have a low threshold for alcohol. I prove it with this post after one bottle of Samuel Adams. (At least I'm taking care to correct the typos, so be thankful.)

I'm all for people being happy with their bodies, and that it is entirely a person's right to change what they don't like about it. I'm also glad to see a group use persuasion rather than legislation to change peoples attitudes about themselves.

However, I'm also for the US doing what it can for those who serve in uniform. That being said, I don't really mind the military paying for surgeons to practice reconstructive techniques on willing volunteers for little to no cost. Not being female myself, I take it on authority that breasts can be as important to women as, well, you know, to a guy. So if a female soldier is wounded and maimed to the breasts, I do not think that it should be too much for the military to have surgeons who are practiced and capable to perform the reconstruction.

Now I shall spare you any further blogging as I proceed to drain one of Sammy's brothers dry.

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