Thursday, August 12, 2004

Yet Another Thing I Can Do Whithout

I'm not going to get into the whole "sensitive war" thing other than to say that the Kerry Campaign should have seen it coming the instant that line was written. Don't they have someone on staff whose job it is to try to think like a Republican in order to anticipate the spin that the opposition will try to put on the words?

What I have had enough of is the line:
Cheney's comments, the Kerry spokesman said, are "driven by concern of the Bush campaign that they are in deep trouble and their poll numbers are sinking."

I have an insight for all of those involved in or commenting on the campaigning. The entire point of a campaign is to do or say what it takes to create some net improvement in your position relative to one's opponent. The subtext of the line is, "We know our opponent would be a gentleman if he felt secure in his lead. That he does not is proof that he is not secure." Since when has any elected official stayed positive throughout an election? I really can't say, because losers tend not to be memorable.

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