Monday, February 14, 2005

Be Responsible for What You Write

As a Libertarian (member of the party so that Republicans and Democrats can't take me for granted) I know that the Bill of Rights regulates my rights with respect to the government and the government only. I do not take it as a matter of civil rights that my employer may not react to what I write. I hold the same view with repect to individuals, if I write something, then I am willing to deal with anyone who takes offense at what I write. Everyone has a right to react to what they read. That is the critical element of freedom of speech: the right to judge information for themselves.

For that reason I do not comment in this public forum about specific individuals who are not already public figures or are at the center of an already occurring debate. If I blindly do write about such a person, and should they take reasonable offense, I will post an apology. That is just the type of person I wish myself to be. That and be grateful that the whole pistols-at-dawn thing is out of vogue.

Second, I don't write about specific issues at work, only in generalities, such as the posts about the drive I was making that were as interminable as the drive itself. Should an issue come up where a knowledge of materials and metallurgy be center stage, then I stand ready to throw in what I can. In the meantime, I'll be just another pundit pitching my pennies.

I have this blog on my resume. In fact, the first gentleman who interviewed me for my current position let me know that he enjoyed what he saw. The upside of that interaction was obviously good, and I take it gladly. By the same token, I will take what heat may come. You have every right to do so civilly. Thanks for the hits, and I'll strive to keep your good estimation.

One last note, I found it curious that the author of the linked piece got a quote from Eugene Volokh without referencing his well respected blog The Volokh Conspiracy.

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