Monday, February 07, 2005

Super Bowl Highlights

Yes, I watched the game in between bites of numerous snacks and sandwiches, not to mention the plentiful beer. Now, for your reading pleasure is my breakdown of the highlights of Super Bowl XXXIX.

No I did not make a mistake, that is a link to an article about the commercials. I live in southern California. We don't have a football team. I might have been able to root for the San Diego Chargers, but that didn't last past the first round of play-offs. So, aside from the aesthetic enjoyment that could be derived from an offensively sloppy football game, the big draws were the commercials.

The first Bud ad with the reluctant parachutist was good, and the frist Ameriquest ad of the guy being mistaken for a robber in a convenience store was better. The first of my favorites was the second Ameriquest commercial featuring the cat, the knife, and the spilled marinara sauce. The other was the Emerald Nut commercial with the childhood characters confronting the father who made up stories like "All the unicorns will dissappear if I give you some nuts." Santa seemed particularly menacing.

The ad that made me sit up and take notice was the Volvo spot that had Sir Richard Branson promoting a contest whose prize would be a ride on Virgin Galactic. Virgin Galactic is the joint venture between Branson's Virgin and Scaled Composites to offer tourist space flights. Just how much is one of those Volvos? I think I might be able to scrape enough together.

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