Friday, February 18, 2005

A Good Idea, In Theory

American scientists have isolated a chemical that acts as a powerful sex signal for male cockroaches. The idea is ultimately create a trap that would draw the males in and infect them with a disease that they will carry to the rest of the colony. You know, like a Tiajuana whorehouse, or so I've heard.

I see one problem with this idea. If the pheromones are strong enough to draw the males in, why would they then leave? Perhaps the lack of actual females around would piss them off enough for them to leave. That presumes that the males would not be so besotted with pheromone that they won't care that the roach they're shacking up with is another male. The story goes that roaches can live a week with their heads cut off and that death results from starvation. Given that, just how much would that head be good for in getting the male out of the trap?

Link via Dave Barry


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