Saturday, February 26, 2005

The Count for 2005 is: 10

There is no substitute for intellectual honesty. Because if there is, then Ted Rall is in desperate of some. Please recall, Ted Rall is the one who drew a cartoon depicting former NFL player Pat Tillman as a racist who joined the army solely to kill arabs.

This time, he has issued a challenge to conservative bloggers to find postings or comments from the left that are as offensive as the ones he finds daily from the right. He even provides an e-mail address for people to send in their finds.

The finds have been rich indeed. Now it seems that many of these examples are not getting through. I might have given Rall the benefit of the doubt and said that his server couldn't keep up with the load, but he has taken a snide attitude about having received only one by this morning. The only thing that I am left with is that Rall is looking for statements more extreme than his own. If they are what he considers reasonable, evidently, then they are not that bad. Pretty high standard there, Ted.

I apologize for having taken up so much time on this. As a commenter at Patterico mentioned, it is best not to feed the trolls, and I do feel somewhat dirty as to having sent traffic Rall's way. Please continue on with your day without thinking anymore on this post.

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