Monday, February 07, 2005

Gamer Is In Da House!!

OK, townhouse to be precise, and with a couple of room mates. No problem at all, since it meets the one absolute requirement that I had, be closer than 80 miles from work, and the closer the better. The job is in Santa Fe Springs (for those of you who know the area) and Irvine is about 20 miles away along some of the worst freeway known to man. This being the greater Los Angeles area, that means all freeways meet that description. Despite the drive, it is still bliss to cut an hour each way off the drive.

What this should mean is that the quality of the blogging should improve as I will have more time and be less punchy when I sit down to write. At least I should spend more time writing, my characters on Star Wars Galaxies and City of Heroes have been awfully neglected of late.

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