Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Small, Welcome Bits of Distraction

Glenn Reynolds has been asked about the pressures of blogging, and he admits that it can make an impact on one's time management. He adds, however, that it can be useful in situations where one does not really want to be too in tune with one's surroundings. I can certainly understand the need, having had an experience in much the same vein. I don't think that the human mind can take a steady stream of worry. I saw it in the waiting room of the Intensive Care Unit. Someone would be crying and then reading a magazine ten minutes later. Then he or she would be staring off into space a little later, quite possibly thinking about how different the world would be if the worst happened. My distraction of choice was a travel chess set and a tutorial book that had been collecting dust for months. I finally made it all the way through, but damn if I can remember any of it.

By the way, Dad is doing great. He is slowly getting his strength back and adjusting to the new dietary schedule. Now he gets to spend more time with his granddaughter.

As a side note, I haven't made the mistake of automatically writing '04 this past month. I figure that I'm just that glad to have 2004 over with. Boy did last year blow. Actually, up until the new job starting the first monday of the year, this whole millenia hasn't been that good.

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