Thursday, March 31, 2005

And Now For the Aftermath

I told myself that I would pass on the commentary tonight, but I've got the itch and I need to scratch. The obvious question is, "What happens now?" It is a sad fact that policies aren't formed until after a real, as opposed to a hypothetical, case occurs to show just how inadequate the situation is. Now is the time for laws to be passed so that people can chart their way through this issue in case, God forbid, this should happen to them.

As a staunch federalist, I believe this should be handled on a state-by-state basis. Take note all of you liberals who had found a new appreciation for federalism and state's rights: try to solve this on the national level and you will lose the moral highground (definitely for lack of a better term) conservatives handed you. The numbers will be lower, but people will still not want to federal government intervening.

Conservatives, get a grip and go back to states' rights and rule of law. Given the pro-life contingent, I see the last ones as unlikely.

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