Friday, March 11, 2005

Does He Still Feel Like a Winner?

Jack Whittaker, the winner of the largest lottery jackpot in history, is being sued by the father of a young man who died of a drug overdose in Whittaker's home. While I think that the case should be thrown out of court due to the fact that the young man was 18 and that he chose to do the drugs. It is clear to me that there is a lawyer behind this who sees the ready access to some very deep pockets.

The lawsuit, at least on the part of the lawyer who gives lawyers a bad name, does not strike me as being all that different than the "rash of break-ins" that Whittaker has faced. The drunk driving arrests are his responsibility, but it is clear that he is being targetted because his money is quite famous.

I only play (read: waste money on) the lottery when the jackpot gets up to around $40 million. Perhaps I should also consider just how much more money could be the threshold of wrecking my life. Perhaps, as a service to my fellow man, I should conduct an experiment, what is the point of diminishing returns for vulgar amounts of wealth? Anyone who would care to donate to the experiment can contact me at the e-mail address above.

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