Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The Ball is Rolling

I remember hearing about the Domino Effect that had hawks in the 50's and 60's up at nights. The idea was that communism would overtake one country, then use that country as a base to destabilize and take out the next one. I think we are starting to see that happening with democracy now, the difference being that the destabilization and overtaking seems to be happening from the inside. If other dominoes fall, there can be no argument that they resulted from the first hard shove given in Iraq.

So where does that leave the opposition party. Any attempt to minimize the happenings will divorce them from their self-given title of reality based. A method that actually has a good deal of merit to it is that a good outcome in the Middle East is far from assured. The best possible results will still require deft diplomatic handling. As I said before, American diplomacy has regained its teeth. Case in point: Sec. of State Rice only had to cancel a meeting with Egypt to get them to make plans for multi-party elections.

The ball is rolling, now to put a little english, or spin if you prefer, on it.

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