Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Coffee, Tea, or a Complete Waste of Time?

There has always been a long running debate as the best way to make a cup of coffee, or tea for the pansies among us. Add some scientific rigor and you have some really weird ideas. I do happen to like the idea of taking your coffee into the shower with you. I would modify that plan, using a travel mug to minimize the dillution while sacrificing the auto-cleaning aspect.

So here are my prefered methods of making/taking coffee.

3. Artificial sweetener. Sugar scum may have been fun after a bowl of corn flakes, but not for my coffee, thank you.

2. Add the sweetener and milk/non-dairy creamer to the cup first. This way the turbulence of the pour stirs the additions for you. Very useful when the spoon by the coffee maker is washed once every geologic epoch.

And my favorite way to take my coffee:

1. Intraveinously. I might reconsider this one when they start selling caffeine patches.

Via Andrew Sullivan

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