Thursday, September 30, 2004

Continuing the Moratorium

In the spirit of my boycotting the conventions, I am considering not watching the debates. I am far from sure that anything resembling policy will be discussed. What we should see is a war of soundbites. I happened to be with my high school civics teacher/basketball coach during the Bentson/Quayle debate in which the infamous "You're no Jack Kennedy" line was delivered. Being a young and media besotted freshman at the time, I was impressed, but Coach wasn't. He pointed out that all that did was attack a straw man hastily constructed from Quayle's words. Anything that happens tonight is likely to be a battle of advertising mottos.

Of course, the likelihood of someone really falling on his face is tempting. Perhaps if I could find a drinking game listed on an unregistered site, I might tune in.

Barring any major miscues, here are my sight unseen predictions for after the debate:
1. The main stream media analysts will declare Senator Kerry the winner.
2. President Bush will get the bounce in the poll numbers.

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