Monday, September 27, 2004

Yet Another Instant Celebrity

Evidently the story about the speeder doing 205 m.p.h. on his motorcycle is getting a lot of attention among the knowledgeable of the motorcycle scene. The discussion is on as to whether he did hit that speed or if the officer in the helicopter hit the timer a touch early.

Either way, I have two predictions about the consequences of this event:

1. Samuel Tilley will be able to sell a couple of interviews and recover the cost of the ticket and the inevitably confiscated bike. As for the revoked liscence, he's out of luck.

2. The Minnesota State Patrol is going to make a fortune off of the fines collected from the various wannabes who will try to match the feat. I'd point out that the pretenders risk killing themselves, but for this type of dude, that is in the plus column rather than the minus in their figuring.

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