Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Questions About the RNC

Thus far I have kept to my pledge to avoid actually watching any of the live coverage of the conventions. I have been following the discussions and read a couple of transcripts. This has left me with a couple of questions.

1. The rhetorical style used by Arnold Schwartzenegger was very similar to that used, most famously, by Jeff "... You Might Be a Redneck" Foxworthy. Is it really wise to reinforce the old parallel between Rednecks and Republicans? Of course, I'd dare anyone to call Ahnold a redneck.

2. There has been some talk about Bush receiving a pre-convention bounce. I am not so certain that the bounce has to do with the convention than with world events. The War on Terror is Bush's strong hand. If anything were to remind people of the presence of terrorism, would it not rebound to Bush's advantage? I'm speaking of the latest Chechen offensives (and I do mean "offensive" in both senses). I think that the people of the US, despite the image created by Peace Protesters, do understand that terrorism anywhere is wrong, whether or not it hits at the US and its interests directly.

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