Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Not a Good Stretch for Intelligence Anywhere

Before the latest hot topic (I prefer the tag Danron to the cliched Memogate) hit the blogosphere, the cause du jour was the intelligence failures that occured pre 9/11 and pre Iraq. Normally I'd cut the intelligence service some slack, its a hell of a job and they can't hold up the majority of their successes for applause. Recently, however, I have to agree that changes need to be made. Of couse, asking for more efficiency in a government organization is like asking for the moon.

While the government intelligence services have seriously underperformed, the public sector intelligence services have recieved quite the black eye recently as well. Public Sector Intelligence Services? What are they? They are the other set of alphabet soup that we all live with: ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX, ESPN (great source if you are focused on that one region), etc. They are the intelligence services for the public at large. That they can do their jobs really, really well is without question. I always found it funny in Tom Clancy novels how the CIA would always have TV's tuned to CNN. In a democracy like ours, (Republic, I know, please cut me some rhetorical slack) the delivery of information to the people is a critical need. The decision makers must be informed.

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