Thursday, September 02, 2004

Hit and Run Convention Coverage

I haven't broken my vow to not watch any convention coverage. I just came back inside from smoking a cigar and the TV is on Bush's speach. Just in time for the first of two hecklers to be hustled out of the Garden. The first thing that came to mind was, "Tacky". Unless I start seeing those who oppose Bush denouncing this type of behavior, I really have to think that they approve of trying to disrupt the speach of those with whom they disagree.

Now just who is bucking for the epithet "Fascist"?

Also from the other room with the TV, I heard the President quote a letter from a soldier in Iraq. The soldier said that he is proud to be helping to heal a sick country. Iraq was sick from the Baathist poison that ruled it. It was sick because America gave the Baathist the weapons to do that back in the '80s. In addition to the idea that W. Bush's war in Iraq is the same war as Bush Sr.'s because Hussein violated the terms of the cease fire treaty, I believe that the blood and the treasure that we are spending now is our penance for that decision made by the Reagan Administration. This cost is still less than what it would have been if we did nothing to check Iran, but still the piper must be paid.

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