Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Protesting: A Resurgence of the Great American Pastime

At this rate, Peace Protesting is going to have as much about peace as Islam. I could see developing a tactical simulation wargame in which a player deploys units of peace protestors and police. It probably wouldn't work because one would have to have a clearly defined objective in order for the protestors to "win".

From what I have seen from the other coast, most of the protesters seem to be acting from a desire for attention and self expression rather than any attempt to sway those who are less fervent than themselves. These Narcissists for a Better World try to change other's opinion through derision and volume. That both of these methods serve only to cause others to dig in their heels and refuse to change is outside of their process.

And yes, I do understand the oxymoron of a peace protest wargame. I wonder if the Narcissists for a Better World understand the oxymoron of what they do.

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