Saturday, September 04, 2004

Forget the polls...

Let's talk about the ratings. From Pejmanesque:

Nearly 28 million Americans -- more than a quarter of them watching cable's Fox News Channel alone -- tuned in to see Bush accept his nomination for a second term at the climax of the Republican National Convention on Thursday, according to Nielsen Media Research.

Bush's national TV audience topped Kerry's speech at the Democratic convention in July by just over 3 million viewers, among those watching Big Three commercial networks ABC, CBS and NBC and the three leading cable news outlets -- Fox, CNN and MSNBC.

-Reuters, 9/3/04

Granted, those who tuned in are more likely those who wanted to hear what the President had to say, and are therefore more of the base than undecided. However it is telling that Bush is a bigger draw than Kerry. Incumbency has its advantages. This is bad news for Kerry unless, A) more Democrats gathered together to watch his speech, or B) the destroy-your-TV demographic is truly huge.

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